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    Please see the attached image (RLC-410). Why is this constantly happening? I feel like I have tried everything. All clients have this except for the Reolink client. The issue is I do not like the client and do not wish to use it. How can I fix this. Current encoding settings are below:

    Clear Stream
    30 fps
    Base Profile

    I am currently using Zoneminder.

    I am getting to the point where I would rather pay a little more for cameras that I know will actually work.



    Hi, please kindly set the resolution to 720P to check.
    And we haven't tested on Linux. But for some other 3rd party softwares such as Blue Iris or Ispy, we had tested and didn't have this problem.



    What will be achieved by setting it to 720P?

    I am actually experiencing the same exact issue with Blue Iris



    The principle about Reolink cameras connecting to a 3rd party software is that the camera and the software connect through ONVIF and the camera send out data through RTSP stream. The reason we suggest lowering the resolution is that it will lower the frame rate which will lessen the influence cause by the instability of the internet.
    Therefore we suggest you changing the resolution or the frame rate when the image quality is poor on a 3rd party software.
    Thank you for your understanding.



    I've been working through this myself.  It appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with the cameras other than the fact that they are very high resolution and pumping a bunch of data down to the application.  Most applications are not setup to receive a real-time 6Mbit (that's what you have configured, the camera can put out up to 8Mbit in a stream) RTSP video stream.  Only one application that I have been able to find allows the user to configure the RTSP receive buffer and that is Genius Vision.  The fact that Reolink works proves that your computer can manage it, it just needs the right software.  Genius Vision requires a 100MB RTSP receive buffer per stream to manage the cameras.  Most apps allocate only a few megabytes.  Blue Iris is my software of choice but it won't swallow the data quickly enough unless I drop the clear stream way down in resolution and bit rate.  The symptoms or lost data are blocks in the middle of the image and repeated lines down the image.  If you spend 10x the money on an IP camera at the same resolution it won't work any better with your software.

    BTW: If your software works with the HIGH profile, use it.  It compresses far better than the base profile.





    Cousin Larry

    I have just had this image distortion and can confirm poor bandwidth to the camera causes it. I was using some home plug connectors on a long power cord (home plug adapters were showing red meaning low bandwidth) and saw this distortion. Removed the long power cord, home plug adapters were green, no more distortion.



    I am having the same problem with my Reolink cameras and BlueIris.  I am not having this problem with my 3MP HIKVision cameras.  I have dropped the data rate down to 4096 which helped very little.

    I have a Core I7 4790K with 2 gig ports trunked to a Cisco switch.  I don't have a bandwidth problem.



    Reolink:  Are you working with Blue Iris to try and figure out what the issue is here?  Bugs?  Setting changes?  What needs to happen here to get this resolved?



    Can we please get an update on this issue?



    Again, nothing but Crickets.  Has REOLINK gone out of business?



    Hi all

    Much apologies did not reply earlier.

    For users having problems using Reolink camera(s) with Blue Iris. please kindly note that we have been collecting information of it.
    Please refer to post #18644 and contact us at Our tech support working on this issue will follow up your report as soon as possible.

    Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd |

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