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    I would love to see an option to put "black boxes" over part of the camera image to block out motion detection behind those boxes.

    One of my cameras are pointed at the house and every time we move inside the house the motion detection triggers. I am only interested in what goes on outside, not inside. Setting the sensitivity lower does not help and I miss the events that i am interested in.

    I have a RLC410WS and I am assuming the motion detection is done using image comparison as opposed to PIR. Therefore adding black boxes to the image should make it possible for the camera to ignore motion in part of its area.

    I am using an iPad to manage my cameras.

    Please consider this request.




    This option is available in Windows client, don't know if it works similarly on iOS client; settings/motion/motion detect setup, though I think you want this feature in reverse? to place blocks over your house windows to ignore motion?



    That is exactly what I am looking for. Any chance for this feature on iOS or windows?

    If it is a "set-and-forget" feature then I don't mind using the windows client as long as the iOS client doesn't interfere with the settings.



    mjdales1 is correct, you can do this today with the desktop clients (Mac or Windows), and I would assume you can also do it via the direct connect to the camera's web setup interface. I do this for our horse stalls where I do not want activity in the barn isle, due to bars separating the two spaces, to trigger motion events. I only wanted to make sure that the camera in the stall was being triggered if a horse was in the stall. I also blocked out the door area, for when it is left open and I do not want that activity to be captured. You could do the same thing with your window.

    You can find it under the MOTION area and AREA. The area NOT covered by blocks (ORANGE marked areas in my image) will not trigger an event if motion is detected in that area, but all the places where there are little blocks will record if motion is seen in them. So, simply remove the blocks for your window and all will be good. I also do this for a few power lines that sway in the wind for my camera monitoring the front house.

    Hope that helps.


    Currently deployed covering horse stables and home
    (01) - 16-port POE NVR
    (14) - RLC-410B POE
    (01) - RLC-423 POE
    (01) - RLC-C2
    (01) - RLC-Keen
    (01) - Argus

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    What a great guidance! Thanks, Quella.

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