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    I setup the Keen after receipt last Friday and one week later the batteries appear to be dead.  Software errors ”login failed” and there is no light activity at the camera.  Removing and reinstalling the batteries did not help, so my assumption are that they are dead.  I plan to replace them tonight.   The PIR sensor does get an occasional hit due to location at the front door.  Let me say this is not our primary entrance and as stated occasional hits with email notify.  The camera is set to use 1080p imaging and no changes were made to the PIR sensor default settings. I have remoted into the camera about 2-3 times daily testing, but to the best of my knowledge I disconnect within 2-3 mins.  I am trying get a feel for how others are using the camera and what settings are being applied.  Hopefully Reolink Support will provide their input for optimum settings and usage to aid us in maximizing battery life.  Its a great little camera considering I can place it in areas where no power exists and am trying to learn it's limitations at the moment.




    I have not seen my Keen battery drain that much during tests, however the location I was using it was not high-traffic.  It was facing a back door location that is used but not as much as other doors.  I found that during tests that I was still at 96% of battery after a week of use and connecting.  I would check daily and also had alerts setup to send me an email when an event occurred.  I did not observe the amount of drop you reported.  Maybe the batteries were already lower then normal to start?

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    (01) - Argus



    Replaced the batteries and all is good for now.  Still looking into the cause of the drain.  Sent an email to support inquiring about avg battery life and usage. Below was the response.

    ”Normally the new batteries for Reolink Keen can last for:

    Stand-by: 2-3 month

    Constant working: 10 hours for day session or 5 hours in night mode.”

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