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    So far I like the nvr but I am having trouble with their default network settings. The internal camera network appears to be setup as with a netmask of This makes it almost impossible for it to coexist on a network using 172.16.xx.xx addresses. The public facing port will accept an ip address in the 172.16.20.xx range but will not use the proper gateway for some sunets. For example I have multiple subsets 172.16.20.x and 172.16.10.x. If the nvr is on subnet 172.16.20.x it will not be accessible from hosts in the 172.16.10.x subnet because it thinks they are local due to the netmask. It would be great if the ip range and netmask for the internal camera network could be configurable to avoid this problem.



    If you connect the cameras to the NVR, you can only access this system via the UID/IP address of the NVR but not the UID/IP of one of the cameras. If you want to access the camera separately, you need to connect it to the router directly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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