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    after installing the latest firmware version 20110204 at my Reolink E1 Pro (hardware version IPC_513SD5) I cannot use the snapshot URL anymore to use the current picture in my Smart Home system. It looks like there is no web server running on port 80 and 445 like at my second IP camera RLC-410 5MP.

    Attached please find the version information of my camera and the comparison of a port scan between E1 Pro and RLC-410 5MP:

    E1 Pro does *not* have open ports 80 and 445.
    RLC-410 5MP *does* have open ports 80 and 445.

    Has the port 80 been removed on purpose?
    Please check if that is only a problem at my E1 Pro or if it is a general problem.

    I already reset the settings to default settings. But still the problem exists.

    Kind regards



    About this issue, could you please submit a request to Our support team will help you transfer this problem to R&D team to check.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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