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    Since upgrading the firmware on my RLC-410WS to version 16070803 I no longer get email motion alerts.  The test email from the camera does work.  I have reset the camera to no avail.  Anyone have suggestions?.  Thanks



    Hello,please go to Device Settings > Alarm > Action, check whether Send Email has been checked or not.


    May I know what's the operating system of your computer? If it is a windows computer, please also try to upgrade the client software to the latest version(V7.1.2.40). You may download the software by referring to Software Download page.



    Yes it is checked, the push notifications still work and this happened to 2 of my reolink cameras with the firmware upgrade, a third camera without firmware upgrade still works with email.  Complete button resets still did not resolve issues.  I am currently using latest Reolink client after audio issues after firmware upgrade, client upgrade solved the audio issues.





    I am not getting email alerts. On the Mac app, under ”Alarm” there is only ”Motion” no ”Action”. Email filled out correctly and can send a test which goes through.


    Reolink RLC-410ws with Build No. 16111703

    Mac App: 3.3.10 (37)



    There is schedule under Alarm. And there is a specific email schedule for Email. Thought you missed one of the schedule so you failed to receive an email..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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