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    Just found this out by accident, as there was some footage right at the end of a 30 min section or recorded footage:

    I have my NVR set to save video footage in 30 min chunks as it's easier to handle than 1 hour sections.
    What I have just found out is that, when I select one of these 30 min chunks via the new Windows Reolink Client, it only actually downloads a clip about 24 to 25 mins long. It's missing about 5 mins off the end.
    I tried this a number of times with different clips and it always does this.
    I then loaded up the old Windows Reolink Client, and selected the exact same recorded section, and this old client did correctly download the full 30 mins of video.
    This appears to be a bug in the new Windows Client.
    Hope this can be fixed.
    Thank you.

    See the attached image: (look at the far right which shows the time-length)
    The top two files are supposed to me 30 minute sections, and as you can see they are exactly 30 mins each, and are downloaded from the OLD Reolink Client.
    The other four files below them are also supposed to be 30 min sections, but as you can see the length of them is random approx 20 to 25 mins only each one



    Are you use the Reolink Client 8.2.0?

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