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    I recently bought 3 of these cameras. Decided to try out one of the mounting brackets to avoid drilling large holes in a wall and it worked well, so went to order another (no more than a week later) to find them out of stock. After a little waiting I emailed them to be told in no uncertain terms that it would be ages until they had any. I then noticed the D20 junction box – whilst expensive and not ideal for my purposes it would seem to do the job, but now that has gone out of stock too!

    The trouble is the cable requires a massive hold to be drilled (an inch across!) in a wall which is far from ideal when I could drill 5mm and just fit an RJ45 on the end of the cable if there was a bracket/junction box.

    At the moment my only option seems to be to order via aliexpress with a 40 day wait, or from somewhere in the Netherlands with a 10 euro delivery charge.

    I am struggling to find anything generic suitable either; I guess a circular white waterproof box no more than an inch deep would do...


    1) any chance of Reolink getting these (essential, IMHO) accessories back in stock?
    2) what have other people done to solve the problem?



    Sorry for the inconvenience. The junction box is very popular and it is out of stock in Reolink store temporarily. You may subscribe our emails to get the newest update: Thank you for your understanding and patience.


    Tom Scheifler

    I intend to buy 3 or 4 RLC-422 cameras but not until the brackets are available.
    Do you have an estimated date when they will be in stock again?

    RLC-411WS x 1
    C1-PRO x 2
    RLC-422W x 2



    Sorry for the inconvenience. RLC-411WS has discontinued on our website, you can select other products as you want. For C1 Pro and RLC-422W, you can purchase on our official website through this link. And the bracket of RLC-422 is out of stock at present, you may subscribe our emails to get the newest update: Thank you for your patience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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