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    My issue seems to be a problem with PoE cables over 18 meters long not detecting motion.

    The system displays real time video and will record and display ”Normal” video, but not ”Motion”, when I extend the factory 18 meter cables.

    I have a new Reolink RLK8-410B2D2 NVR with 4 Reolink PoE cameras (two RLC-410 and two RLC-420 cameras).

    Some of my cameras mount further from the NVR than the factory 18 meter cables will reach.

    Everything works fine except the motion detection when I try to use either: (a) a 100 ft. homemade Cat5 PoE stand alone cable, or (b) a 20 ft. homemade Cat5 PoE cable added to an 18 meter Reolink cable.

    A 20 ft. long homemade (8 pin) Cat5 cable works fine when used by itself (monitor shows live view and NVR senses and records ”Motion” as well as ”Normal”), but the system does not record in the ”Motion” setting when my homemade 20 ft. cable is used to extend the 18 meter Reolink factory Cat5 cable.

    Likewise a 100 ft. long homemade Cat5 cable used alone does not record motion, but shows live view fine and records ”Normal” (i.e., all the time) just fine.

    Set to ”Normal” it displays and records everything with any cable combination.

    Set to ”Motion” it works correctly with Reolink 18 meter cables or with homemade Cat5 cables under 18 meters long.

    Set to ”Motion” with Cat5 cables over 18 meters long, it records no data.

    This is true for all 4 of the cameras.

    The homemade Cat5 cables are correctly made (tested OK), and I am an experienced engineer and made sure they are made correctly.

    I sent an email to Reolink support, asking about it.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    PS: I cannot determine the firmware of my cameras. The system firmware version is v2.0.0.86_19031408101.



    Our technical support Catherine is following up your ticket now. Please provide the information we need for us confirming the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. We will provide a solution after we confirm the problem. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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