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    darren doyle

    I've read countless threads about people trying to get the sensitivity of the cameras right to cut down on false positives. One feature that is massively missing to help on this is on an optional screen indicator when playbacking a clip that shows the sector of the frame that trigger the alert.

    Imagine this, you get an alert. You check the recording. You don't see anything but enable the shows motion triggers. Boom, there it is a lonely tree in the background waving in the wind that caused the alert. You can now readjust for that.

    This feels like the basics for a CCTV package. Not sure why it's missing today!


    FongJeng Kum

    I guess another toughest feature is to determine the sensitivity for rain drops.
    Let just give them time to figure out how to tackle these situations.


    darren doyle

    You don't just give them time to figure it out. Reolink lag behind in software in many ways and need to get the finger out.

    The software is more important than hardware in these kind of systems.

    Not been able to reliable use motion alerts makes the system useless unless you plan to watch the cameras day and night.



    Besides they have nothing but time to figure things out, it is like sort of what their ob is and what they do continuously. As a programmer I am not s sure what they can do really to show the areas which caused the trigger though honestly. the truth is, motion triggers are done in multiple areas at a time i am sure. I see they do it by a multi grid pattern and displacement of image, ie if one image or more moves into a different grid then it was previously, but it cannot possible save the data of the event continuously I would not think, it is a lot more than merely the information of the image itself, even. you can turn off different areas of the grid though so as not have it triggered for instance by a trees leaves that is in front of the camera and a person for instance is not likely to go to the motion screen and just deselect that area. I am guessing that deselecting it will remove it from the motion consideration anyways. what i am saying is one could if they were getting constant false positives, deselect half of the screen, see if it happens then deselect half of that then half of that and basically narrow down if there is a specific area that is in fact causing a false positive constantly then eliminate it completely.


    FongJeng Kum

    Very good input from you guys!

    Let's see what REOLINK team has to say about this.
    I do see they are very active in improving their software/firmware.



    Hi, the PoE & WiFi cameras identify the motion by comparing the two frames (before and after), so the rains or the tree's waving will trigger the motion detection. We suggest you may try to set the motion detection area for the cameras, refer to Set up Motion Area on Reolink Client.

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