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    I just recently purchased a pair of C1 Pro cameras from Reolink to use as monitors/nanny cam. I'd like for the grandparents who live in different states to be able to look in a see their grandchild. I'd like to restrict the times they're able to peer into our daily life activities. Is there a client software that the community has worked with or heard about that would allow this feature? Also, I it needs to be simple for the grandparents to use on their end. Right now, they use the Reolink app which they open and connect. If they have to go through a process of logging on to a website or signing into a server that's too much. I'm brand new to all of this so I'm open to suggestions and experiences of different users.




    Hi, to share the camera with others, please refer to How to Share Your Camera with Your Friends. But it doesn't support the time control. If you have more suggestions, please tell us at



    Hey Carl –

    Thanks for chiming in, however, your reply does not answer my question nor does it seem tailored to the subheading of the forum that this was posted. My post was submitted to the Third-Party Software sub which would suggest, or so I thought, that I am looking for a software not offered by the manufacturer. As stated in my original post, the family already USES the Reolink App and are able to login in and see the cameras. This would then negate your input on how to share the cameras because I have already done this without issue. While I am new to Reolink and IP cameras, I am not new to setting up technology and understanding how to use said technology.

    I am looking for a third-party software for viewing the cameras (C1-Pro x4) that allows for more functionality than is currently offered by Reolink's client software. The client software does have a lot of great features but, is lacking in the features that I would expect when Reolink advertises their product as a baby monitor/nanny-cam. In addition, Reolink advertises the C1-Pro as a way for extended families to check in on loved ones. I would suspect that most owners of these cameras don't want family peering into their lives 24-7 and inadvertently overhearing conversations that the camera owners may not want to have shared. Yes, I understand this may sound a little hypocritical when I am handing outsiders (family members) a way to view a tiny slice of our home life, but it's also not an unrealistic expectation. So I ask again have any other users found a 3rd-Party software that they like better than the Reolink Client Software? Preferably I don't want the other people viewing the cameras to have to go through a ton of steps to view the stream. I am good at tech, but everyone else is not and having them log in to ip addresses or websites and saving logins to browsers is not something I am interested in using.

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