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    Hi, I've just bought a RLC-411WS on Ebay to be used as a webcam displaying current weather at my location. Buying the camera was based on what looked like very good specs and the fact that it seemed to be based on embedded version of Linux. I was therefore somewhat surprised when I discovered that there was no way I could access the system from my Ubuntu Linux client. All my browsers (Firefox, Chromium) just presented me with an option to download a Windows client.

    I did a portscan just in case you had enabled ssh protocol. That would have made it possible for me to log on to the system and accessing snapshots or videos on the built-in microSD-card. I discovered that you had enabled port 554 (RTSP), 1935 (RTMP), 6001 (X11 ?) and 8000 (another HTTP server ?) in addition to 80 and 443 (HTTP/HTTPS) but nothing that looked like ssh (normally on port 22). No FTP either as far as I could discover.

    I managed to get vlc to display the RTSP stream but not the RTMP stream. The fact that I can't administer the camera from Linux (upgrading, accessing files, etc) makes it somewhat useless and I may have to consider returning it.

    My question is if you are planning to make a Linux client for the camera ? Or if you have any other ways of giving a Linux enthusiast ways of controlling the camera without the need for Windows or Mac client ?





    Hi there. For now the Reolink Client software doesn't run on Linux but you can log in and control your camera on browser. The Reolink IP cameras with the latest firmware installed allow you to log in on browsers without any plugin but Flash player. Please check if you have installed Flash on your browsers.



    Hi and thanks for your reply. The issue now is that I have to upgrade my camera with the latest firmware in order to get Flash support and I can't upgrade unless I have a Windows system.

    The camera is installed at a remote location (my cabin used during summer) and my plan was to either have the camera send short, 30 secs of video to a server I have or to access the camera remotely in a secure way. Enabling either ssh server in the camera or having the camera use ssh client (or scp) would provide a secure channel for communication.

    Would enabling ssh be something you would consider for a later firmware release ?



    We are sorry that for now enabling ssh will not be included in the later firmware update plan. We suggest you update your camera with a Windows/Mac computer or contact us through (replace ”#” with ”@”) and we can help you update your firmware remotely.




    Hi and thanks for your reply.

    Maybe this isn't the right thread for requesting new features but hopefully you'll bear with me.

    Would enabling SMB and/or NFS as a remote file store be a possible candidate for a future firmware update ?





    Are there any plans to add Linux support? I bought the NVR and was super bummed it doesn't have Linux support.



    Hi Lance

    We do not have plans on Linux support yet.

    But we'd forward this request to R&D for a program evaluation before we can make any decision and come up with plans.

    Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd |


    Michael D.

    The Reolink Client for Windows works fine on Linux using Wine. Surprisingly well.



    I've definitely had some success using it with Wine as well.



    @themszkoda You may like to buy @michael Kronmal  a coffee and consult some questions with him!

    I think there will be a sparkle between you.



    B R

    I've been trying to run the Reolink client under Wine 3.0, on Ubuntu 18.04. I presume that the NVRs firmware is the latest version, as I purchased it a couple of weeks ago.

    I have downloaded an executable DvrWebClient.exe from http://{ip-address-of-dvr}/. When I execute this with wine DvrWebClient.exe I get a dialog popup with Path Not Found. The only button is OK, which when pressed exits the application.

    When I set the WINEDEBUG=+relay environment variable and re-run the application then, I get a lot of information, however it seems to be having trouble running cmd /c uninstall.bat i, indicating that uninstall.bat can not be found.

    As a wine newbie am I doing anything wrong? Has anyone got this working under Wine and if so it would be helpful to know exactly how?

    Kind Regards,




    i'm also interessted in an linux client or the possibility to run the windows-version with wine.
    I setup an debian 9 stretch with wine from the backports (4.0.2).
    Setup of reolink client went's well, i can run the client, but got no preview-video.
    The clip screenshot looks like garbage, too.
    See attache screenshot.
    Maybe something with hardware acceleration or so.
    Nothing more tested so far.

    By the way: That thing with no preview-video is on virtualized Windows (tested with VirtualBox & VMware), too.

    @b R:

    DvrWebClient.exe is the Internet Explorer Plugin-Setup for NVRs. That thing doesn't work for me on Windows (and Linux, too). Cherry from Reolink Support let me know, that next month a new firmware will be released with support for Firefox und Chrome, without the need of an plugin.

    Best regards,




    There are two kinds of client that can be used to add our device: one is Windows Client, the other is Mac Client. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. For the clip issue, could you please send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.


    Crimp On

    Perhaps I am missing something. When I connect to my Reolink RLC-420 camera with a web browser, and click on Settings, under System there is a choice for Maintenance which includes firmware update. If the goal is to update firmware in the camera, it seems like a web browser can do that.



    @carl: Ok i will do that.

    @Crimp on: The goal is to run the reolink client to access/view/config multiple cameras or nvr's, maybe do shots or records, too. It's also possible to run the reolink client as a kind of survellaince server. It would be nice to get this working on linux, too.

    Alternatively we could connect the cameras to motion/motioneye/motioneyeos. It's an nice open source-thing running on linux, but i miss some features like clip/zoom.

    A few days ago i released a blogpost for that:

    It's in german. Mostly you need the right url's. I tested with an rlc-420-5mp, but i have to reduce the resoltion to get this working with motion...

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