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    Hello Reolinkers, to help new customers know better the Reolink products that they are looking for, we would like to invite you to leave your reviews on your Reolink cameras, NVRs, and security systems.

    You may share your ideas about the Reolink products, how they perform day and night, whether they help deter intruders or not, and any other thing that you want to share in the review section on the related product page. Of course, you are welcome to share pictures of the cameras installed and videos captured with the cameras as well!

    Important: We will select 10 to 20 customers from the review section per month and send them free Reolink cameras as a gift! The free cameras may vary each month and we will announce the camera of the month and the winners in the community and on our Facebook group.

    Leave your review on your Reolink products for a chance to win free Reolink cameras!
    Update, July 1st:
    Thank you all for your detailed reviews! To help new customers read your reviews easier, please leave your reviews in the review section on product page here. For example, if you have purchased an 8-channel 4K security system RLK8-800B4, you may go to /product/rlk8-800b4/#review and write a review.



    These are amazing cameras and super simple set up. I have recommended them to many locals hands down the easiest set up I and great quality.


    john ibanez

    I purchased two Reolink Argus 2 cameras once I moved into our new house. They have been extremely helpful to view our surroundings, including some wildlife! I enjoy the fact that the app is so easy to use and the cameras are rechargeable. I'm glad I did research and read reviews before buying.




    I own 3 RLC-410ws. When I searched for a camera my first thought was let me get the cheap 1080p web camera. I have coworkers that use those and time and time again I hear complaints. My favor feature of Reolink cameras are the motion sensor region. It's a simple click on or off grid as in pixels area. The cheap cameras give you 1 or up to 4 squares you can place on the viewing area. We all know we have trees, TV, side roads.. flags. All in different areas of the yard or house. I love the feature so much it allows me to get accurate motion sensing which is one of the most important things of cameras or your reviewing way too much video. Since I have used the cameras I have caught 4 people at early mornings (3 door checking my vehicles and one who had jumped my back fence) Each time I just send the video right on over to the police. Simple and Easy. No other camera comes close to the quality and functionality of Reolink.


    marc nichol

    I personally spend weeks investigating different camera systems that would suit my personal circumstance. There is so much choice out there. Plus price was also a driver on what I could afford to buy. Ease of installation was also a major factor on the product I was going to purchase. I'm one of those guys that if it has any form of technology I'm going to fail with the install and will have to do 3000 google searches to try to find out what I'm doing wrong. Then pay I technician to come and install the devices because I failed again.

    I can tell you that all these problems went away when I saw my first Reolink youtube demonstration.

    I ordered online two Reolink Argus 2 and two E1 Pro camera's. They arrived within ten days. I unpacked them and had all four camera's linked up within the app and location fitted within four hours of unpacking the first box.

    The best thing is that I can set these four cameras up within the app in so many ways with many different options and settings.

    I believe there is no better security system out there. Good work Reolink, you made it easy for me.



    Leave Your Thoughts on Reolink Products to Get Free Cameras

    i now have 5 reolink cameras .all different but all great ..i like the app
    its so easy to use ..but the best bit is the support ..its so fast and easy.
    i will all ways recommend reolink ...


    Rhode Island House

    Hi. I have 9 reolink cameras. Im pretty satisfied with them, however i wish reolink offered ”person recognition ” as many of the competitors do. I had to turn off motion notifications due to wind moving the grass, insects, light changes & vehicles driving by. Now I must logon to replay what i missed, or watch live to catch anything important. I do like how quickly the cameras can be set up, how easy it is to access them, and that they offer local storage with an sd card in addition to cloud/wifi. I especially like the battery powered outdoor cameras with solar panel. I look forward to improved notification features.
    Thank you.



    I currently have Reolink cameras and they are super good! I was able to even convince my brother to get them for his house and he has a 16 channel that he bought with 8 cameras.

    The GUI for the phones is one of the best I've seen and I'm not sure I'd ever use a different brand with the great experience I've had so far.

    Seems like the push notifications got fixed since last time and it's been working good!



    I have had the Reolink argus 2 with the solar panel for more than a year and it works great, I love it. I install a microSD and it even record when there is not internet connection and let you access those videos once the internet is back.

    I have installed in my front door unfortunately after a few months I have to install a fence in front of the camera and now sometimes it does not detect movement even though I have the motion sensor in high. I will love for future products or updates to improve the motion sensor.



    I've had the Reolink RLK16-410B8 (5MP) for a few months now and it works a treat. If you want to DIY, installation was easy (get some fibreglass rods!). Love the crisp clear images and good to know that my packages aren't getting stolen from the front door. The app works great after adjusting the setting and sensitivity. The desktop software is also very simple to use and you'll have it up in no time (and feel like a security guard!). I have 8 cameras and will need to buy a few more for some blindspots around the house. Definitely value for money!



    I have four Argus 2 cameras with solar panels and they are awesome machines. Easy to mount and setup, because of the solar panels I can place them practically anywhere and don't have to worry about wires. The quality of the cameras and the image/video they capture is amazing. Mine have been out in the elements through all four seasons now and are performing great. I can't recommend them enough!



    I have made Numerous purchases of Reolink products. I also have 38+ years in security. Reolink customer service is why I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER REOLINK PRODUCT!!! They treat you like your completely stupid even when you explain and show them that their camera is not focusing properly!! I even sent a pic of what the camera is doing, and the NUMEROUS STEPS THAT I HAD TO DO AND AM STILL WAITING them to respond to....




    I have 4 RLC-410 5 mp Poe camera. They respond quickly and do not miss anything. When it rains or there are
    Lots of bugs flying around At night, you get an alarm triggered every minutes, so basically, this system for the night is pretty useless. I purchased 4 RLK4-211WB4-S Because it had the pir, this camera is way better for not getting false alarms but the problems is that it is very difficult for the cameras to loading videos on playback, most of the time I need the reboot the camera to get it to load the videos from the playback. And even then I still don't get all the videos. The 2 sets of cameras have their strong and weak point, bu put for me I would not buy those two sets again, they are not delivering on what they say it will do. I would be more than happy to test new cameras, if one of them would do the job for me I would replaced all of them with this new cameras.
    Thanks, Rick



    Reolink cameras are very good for viewing very good resolution video,
    I need these details to improve on these cameras
    argus PT camera needs to view videos in 4x as it not is possible that for the price it does not have 4x fast playback, it should have 3x zoom at least.
    E1 Zoom camera is an excellent camera, it only lacks tath IP65 or IP66, has everything you need, very good WIFI, fast playback 4x in application, up to 16x in computer. 3x zoom is an excellent camera only needs IP65.
    I would like the Reolink cameras to support 128gb of sd memory.
    I would like to be able to download complete videos on my cell phone,
    since I can only download 30 seconds with the phone applicationThank you



    I purchased a Reolink Argus 2 camera after doing a lot of research online. I needed to keep an eye out on my property as there were some robberies in town around the time and I was away for work a lot. The camera was so easy to setup and the app is very intuitive as well. The skin is weather proof and works very well outside. Amazing battery life, needs to be charged once a month. Thanks Reolink, very happy with the camera and will definitely recommend it.I even purchased the cloud support and now don't have to worry about storage.

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