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    Reolink has released new versions of iOS App (v3.3.19.74), and Mac Client (v3.3.11). Check fixes and improvements below and download to keep up with the up-to-date-features.

    What's New in the Mac Client (v3.3.11)
    1. Bug fixes:
    · Fixes the bug of generating snap_0.jpg
    · Adds record schedule for cameras with SD card.
    · Volume adjustment applies not only to live view but also to video recording
    · Adds "Performance" menu in "Device Settings"
    · Fixes the issue of failing to download videos.

    2. New features:
    · Supports XML encryption

    What's New in the iOS App (v3.3.19.74)
    1. Bug fixes:
    Optimizes the playback function:
    ·Saves time when searching for playback videos
    ·Fixes other bugs in the playback interface and improves performance

    2. Performance optimization:
    · Scan QR code by default to add new device
    · Changes the interface of adding new device manually

    3. New features:
    · Supports battery-powered IP cameras
    · Adds Data & Time settings
    · Allows setting up and changing password
    · Adds Image settings, including mirroring, rotation, anti-flicker, and brightness, etc.

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