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    This is not new, and has been reported by several users in the past from the Play store reviews, but just thought would like to check if there is any update on the issue. After updating the app to latest version, the notification is broken. When the alarm function is turned on in the app, it sends notification to the phone even when we set notification for the app to silent or off totally. When turn notification off totally (through app info, same for every app in android), I can still hear the tone when alarm is trigger in the ip cam (using Argus by the way). When I set the notification to on, but silent, it is still ignoring this, and sound the tone, and pop up notification.

    The only way at this moment to stop this is to disable it altogether in the app (turning off the alarm). But in that case, it defeats the purpose of the whole product. (I want the trigger to be send all time, but can control individual phone/tablet whether to receive it or to silent it at particular moment (during meeting)). Please reflect this request to fix the bug to upper level as this is a very huge damage to the product's functionality and essentially asking user to stop using your product.




    Hi, we solved the issue in the new version. Please check it. If you got any issues, please contact us at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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