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    Scot Morrell

    I just setup 410S camera and do not see method for turning on/off motion detection? I can turn off push from the Devices screen and would expect similar button/slider to turn off motion detect. I do not want to fill up SD card when kids are playing or mowing the lawn and going back and forth in front of camera. Is there a function with app available to turn off motion detection? Even when I go into configuration, the only motion detection setup available is sensitivity with no on/off?



    Turn off motion detection will be very useful on the android app too.


    Scot Morrell

    If there is no option to turn off motion detection, this camera might not work for me. Already sacrificing a little bit because there is not automation support such as IFTTT or Smartthings integration. I'm hoping support gets back to me or someone can comment here to confirm what capabilities are (or aren't).



    Your request has been collected. Engineering is reviewing the feasibility of implementing this idea. We'll schedule to implement the request if it's accepted. Otherwise it goes to the suggestion pool and may be reactivated if others make similar requests again. Thank you sincerely for sharing your thoughts. We will take your request seriously and work hard to make our products better.


    Scot Morrell

    Please see below for comment. I suppose the downside for no motion detect enable/disable is that the sd card gets filled faster and it is harder to find the motion events I really care about. The other way to turn off motion detection that is not convenient is to manually change the daily schedule. This could be done for rare circumstances where constant motion will occur in front of the camera.

    Thanks for contacting Reolink.
    You are right that there is no slider or switch to disable the motion detection anymore in the latest app.
    With the latest firmware and App, the motion detection has been set to enable all the time, there is no enable/disable button.
    But the schedule for all the actions such as email, push notification and recording has been separated, you may find them under Device Settings, and you can enable or disable these actions by scheduling them according to your needs.



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    Ksumanth Kumar

    If motion detection Turn Off will be very useful on the android appFast.

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