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    I have a solar powered Argus Eco monitoring the water level in a remote wildlife pond. I have no need to set any motion detection or alert functions so I have the infrared light switched to OFF by default to preserve battery life. In order to check during the hours of darkness I have to navigate through the settings on the iOS app to toggle the IR light on, then off again. There are several useful buttons along the top and bottom of the video stream screen, record, snapshot, siren, audio etc. One for the IR light would be much appreciated too.



    You could control the audio alarm, push notification, email notification and record at one time with the scene mode. Control of the IR light might be added to scene mode in the future.
    You may make a subscription to get the newest update: you for your understanding and patience.



    I would like to know why in my computer the desktop software do not show the video stream but reproduces a capture of a video or photo of the bulbcamera. how do I fix this issue?



    Do you mean local access or remote access?
    Please try to disable the firewall on your pc to have a try.
    If there is no success, please feel free to email at
    Have a nice day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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