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    Previously I had an installation of a RLN16 and 9 cameras with 24/7 recording, and while very happy with the actual recording quality, playback (via the Reolink Windows application or Android app) left a lot to be desired. Seeking in the timeline was painfully slow, and massively worse when trying to view multiple cameras (for example when tracking the movements of a person across the site), it even often failed to playback with four cameras up on the fluent setting.

    I've recently built out on a new site, with a bigger installation (2x RLN8 1x RLN16 with four cameras per system), and on a whim decided that I would opt for multiple smaller systems in the hopes that the above limitation was disk speed / seek times. It seems I was (at least in part) correct, as seeking on a system only recording four cameras is significantly better, and the fact that when viewing multiple cameras they're often split across NVR's has also helped immensely.

    Would adding a second hard drive to each system help performance further?

    I'm adding six more cameras in total, and am likely to add few more cameras before I'm done, and am trying to weigh the cost savings of putting more cameras on each NVR vs the benefits of adding another NVR to the mix.

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