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    Is it possible to turn motion detection off quickly/ easily while at home? I'm constantly triggering my Reolink C2 whenever I'm in the same room.


    Quincy Ian Perez

    Hi reolink, can you help answer the post. my question on other post is somehow related to this one. thanks



    Please clear the motion detection area of your camera when you are home. Then it can not detect a movement anymore after that. Please check the full detection area when you go out by referring to the instruction below.
    Set up Motion Detection Area via Reolink Client (Windows)



    So to be clear to turn off motion detection while I'm at home I have to log into cam clear the motion detection area and then when I leave log in and set it up again? Seems a little ridiculous to me.



    I agree that sounds ridiculous. We should be able to set a schedule.



    Hi Carl,
    Schedule does not seem like a feasible option to do (every time you do shopping or decide to leave home for 5 minutes or so). The least software should offer is to manually turn PIR off with a simple click in Reolink application – like in Argus 2.

    In the future geofencing should be added to software.
    This would trigger cams automatically when you are away from home.

    I like C1 Pro and E1 Pro I received yesterday but considering returning devices as need to have a home-mode.
    Can you comment if these would get added in future firmware?




    The scene mode has been realized on Reolink devices now, you could control all your cameras quickly by setting different modes. When you're home, you could set all your cameras unarmed under the home scene. And you could again mark all your cameras armed for alarms, notifications etc in the outside scene. Read on How to Set the Scene Mode for Your Cameras to learn more.



    Thanks Cynthia this is most useful.



    You are welcome. If you have other problems, welcome to comment below. Thank you for supporting Reolink. Have a nice day:)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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