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    To insert an image in your topic, please upload the image to another website like flickr, tumblr, then get the URL of the image ends with png/jpg/jpeg etc. Next click the IMG button to insert the image into the topic.

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    The main point is that the link has a finite being, of unknown period, for ex-Ning users. I've been given all of the take pictures of and can stash them in Drop field or on the same system that runs Joomla or in Amazon S3 storage or a range of special places. I'd like to have them included into the website so that a backup and restore might cover the whole lot. Indeed, they by now are... They may be inside the part folder prepared by user. With Ning it became viable to embed images in posts without problems sufficient. If I placed the pics in a Drop box folder, say, I can get a link to each after which publish these in joomla posts as wanted and they won't depart so long as Drop field stays on line. It doesn't make plenty of sense that Joomla can point to a photo someplace else on the net though not locally, which is what appeared to be the case. In brief, I failed to see how to embed a photo within a message: there is no insert photo icon on the toolbar. I haven't but tested the manner you've pointed to, however the truth that I've wanted it defined ought to say (I wish) ”this is not as innate as it is able to be” (I know there are chance guess!).as regards your remark about adding an extra glyph to the BB code toolbar – to put into effect the feature furnished via the add-on ”Add File” button (which is used to add and insert pics) – if you can concept how this can be done and write it up as a point request then, possibly, the developers may as well keep in mind it within the fate. FYI, a year or ago there was some testing using drag-and-drop in liking to using the file range approach you spot these days. The test becomes vacant within the face of technical means and pressures on the discharge cycle.



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