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    4 months ago I made the change from Arlo to the Argus2 in the hope to buy cameras from a young and innovative manufacturer.The forum here is actually dead, answers from Reolink are rare. Feedback on suggestions for improvement are dismissed with text modules. I do not see a further development of the software, a roadmap does not exist or will not be published. To be honest, I'm really disappointed and annoyed for having chosen Reolink.



    Hi Macro,

    Sorry about that and may I know what's the suggestion you sent to our support team?
    Due to the support team would receive a lot of suggestions every day, we set the auto-reply for the first time. If you need a reply or confirm on your suggestion, you may just reply the email and our agents will answer your questions.
    We pay high attention to our users’ voice and hope get the feedbacks from them. If you have more requests, please go to our support center to submit a request and our agents will reply you.
    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.
    Have a nice day!



    Hi Carl,

    I sent suggestions for improvement as only the Reolink Argus 1 was on the market. Till now, no of the suggestions are implemented.
    The list is very long and many things are in a few minutes done.
    * update Android SDK to API level 23 (actual is 28) so that can handle the Nexus 5X internal camera
    * timeplans for more than one camera, copy from one to another
    * control pir of more than one camera
    * api for controlling the camera to integrate in smarthome
    * delete video on internal sd-card (not only format the card)
    * and many, many more

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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