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    it would be great there is an option for grouping cameras, so actions like ( Mailsettings, PIR on/off) can be set for this group. in the moment this must be set for each device separately.



    Hi Marco,
    Many users have combinations of different types of cameras on the same App, so some actions just don't apply to all of them. I do like you ideas, though. I understand it may be a hard time to do settings for every cam.




    Is there any progress on this? When you have one Reolink cam, it's not an issue, but when you believed in the product and installed ten+ cams, going through each one of them and turning off Push notification and/or E-mail alerts become really old very quickly. We badly need ability to create the following types of groups to turn on/off:
    – Push notifications
    – Email alerts
    – FTP upload




    Hi everybody! I thought about this a time ago. I find site wit a lot of usrfull information about this. Use wisely.



    Thank you for waiting. The project you mentioned has made great progress. You may subscribe our emails to get the newest update: Thank you for your understanding and patience.


    Linas Seven

    Hi Reolink Team,

    Today I noticed a new ”Scenes” feature in the iOS Reolink app! It's really great you have implemented it, it's almost exactly what we have asked in this thread for. I see we can now enable/disable (1) push, (2) record, (3) alarm and (4) mail for a group of cams with one click.

    There's only one feature that is missing from making it truly useful – (5) FTP enable/disable. Because now I still can't use Reolink app's scene feature and have to revert to other workarounds how to control all five parameters.

    Would you be able to pull FTP control into Scenes in?




    Thank you for your suggestion. I will collect it and forward to our R&D team. We will notify you via email if we pull FTP control into the scene mode in the future. You may subscribe our emails to get the news: Thank you for your understanding.



    FTP control would really make scene view complete! Thanks.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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