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    I'm wondering if what I want to do is possible. I have a pretty good router that is highly configurable. What I would like to do is to put the system on my LAN only with no access to the internet. Then I would like to be able to access it from any PC on my LAN and, hopefully, from my cell phone but only while my cell phone is on my LAN. I don't see much in the way of instructions for setting the NVR up on a LAN though.

    Has anyone written such a tutorial? Is this going to be that difficult?



    This seems to be a pure networking-question, so I might be able to answer although I am no Reolink member.

    What you want is doable. I haven't done it myself yet but basically the steps would be as follows:

    The NVR needs to be in a dedicated network (with an IP outside of the range of the ”normal” network).
    This could be a VLAN that is assigned to the port on the router the NVR is connected to.
    Then the router has to create firewall-rules and/or routing information that disallowes all traffic from the network the NVR is connected to to the outside.
    On the other hand there has to be a rule added that allows traffic from the ”normal” LAN to the network of the NVR.

    If your router is something like a pfSense-Box then this is configurable.

    But as I said – I haven't done this myself yet. Only have read a ton of blog-articles to networking topics.



    Not sure if this answers your question or not but this is what I do.
    You can access the NVR by entering in the IP address on any browser in your home.
    You can install the windows app on any PC to access it also
    You can install the IOS or Andriod APP on any smartphone to access it as well.



    Sorry for the late reply but as luck would have it , I lost internet for over a day! But anyway thanks for the replies. I have a Zyxel USG series router so I did get the NVR on my network and it is isolated and blocked from reaching the WAN. I am able to access it via a browser and view everything so that is all good.
    My private LAN is setup as 192.168.0.X and the NVR is set on 192.168.1.X. Everything on that subnet cannot go out to the LAN. However I have a PC and a cell phone on that LAN segment and they can access the NVR fine.

    The only problem still remaining is something I might not understand. As I understand it when a motion ”alarm” is triggered it is supposed to send a notification to your cell phone. Is this what they call a ”push” notification? I am not getting any, so I am starting to suspect that this feature requires the ability of the NVR to access the internet. Is this correct?

    I do have the Reolink app running on my phone and my phone is on the same LAN segment as the NVR. I am able to access the NVR from the app on my phone and view the cameras live feed, etc... The NVR is and the phone is But I am getting no alerts when motion is triggered.

    I guess I am missing something.



    Just in case anyone else was curious about the same thing I have found the answer. The answer is buried in their FAQ. Yes, in order for push notifications to work you must allow the NVR to have internet access. The notification goes to the Reolink servers and then to Google (for android) and then to your phone.

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