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    After doing some further reading, it appears that the Argus Pro comes with geo-fencing while the Argus 2 does not. I would venture to guess this is a software feature since there really does not appear to be a fundamental hardware difference between the 2 cameras as far as capability goes.

    Is there any plans to integrate geo-fencing for arming disarming the PIR into the Reolink app for the Argus 2? It will be tough to implement smooth IFTTT integration, when available, without the ability to move away from the schedule based PIR. I think this is the one feature at this time that's really missing to make this a great home solution. Maybe IFTTT location based recipes will take care of this as long as Reolink adds a Arm/Disarm PIR hook.

    Side note: I found a half baked (maybe still raw?) workaround for IFTTT although very limited.
    – Using the email notification on the PIR, setup email
    – Setup filter in email yo automatically label incoming emails ”Cameras” or what ever you want.
    – Using IFTTT, set your trigger service to gmail(Not sure of there clients are supported), based on email label, input your new label entered above.
    – Your ”Then that” portion of the recipe can be whatever you want now. I have mine setup when motion is detected on a certain camera, to VOIP call my cell phone and turn on perimeter lighting. The phone call is mainly for when I am asleep in the dead of night it will have a fighting chance at waking me up LOL.




    Hi, sorry for that we don't have the geo-fencing function on the Reolink Argus Pro, to learn more the difference between the Reolink Argus Pro and Argus 2, please refer to Two Differences between Argus 2 & Argus Pro.

    Also, we have the plan for the smart home integration in next year. You may subscribe our emails to get the news:

    Have a nice day!

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