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    FongJeng Kum


    I have setup my Ubuntu OS to mount to my external thumbdrive to it for FTP upload of video footage.
    However, when the SDCARD is full, it is unable to continue overwritting it anymore.

    df -h:
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sde1 15G 15G 0 100% /media/user/ftp

    Sun May 21 10:07:24 2017 [pid 31994] CONNECT: Client “::ffff:”
    Sun May 21 10:07:24 2017 [pid 31993] [user] OK LOGIN: Client “::ffff:”
    Sun May 21 10:07:26 2017 [pid 31995] [user] FAIL UPLOAD: Client “::ffff:”, “/media/user/ftp/01_20170521100723.jpg”, 0.00Kbyte/sec

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    Bob Loblaw

    On the Reolink client software is “Overwrite” checked?
    Device Settings – (Record) Option – Overwrite

    My understanding of your post is that the internal SD is full and saving to the thumbdrive fails.

    You might have found an issue to be aware of.  I noticed that saving to my FTP server stopped at some point also.  The internal SD card would have been full also.  I did not look into possible causes or solutions and instead only use the internal storage now.  Overwrite was checked in my setup. Hopefully someone here will know the answer.



    FongJeng Kum

    Since both of us reported to have this problem, I think this is potentially an issue that needs further attention.


    FongJeng Kum

    Can I know any updates on this?

    Could this be my vsftpd.conf setup incorrectly?
    Cuz I just ran this over with external HDD instead and still it’s reporting the same issue of unable to continue uploading after it is FULL.


    FongJeng Kum

    Just want to add one more observation on my /var/log/vsftpd.log; whenever it gets full, I don’t see any FTP command DELETE send over to the FTP Server to request to remove the earliest video file before uploading the latest one.

    So could this be the root cause of the problem that the REOLINK firmware did not issue the DEL command to the FTP Server before uploading to a FULL hard disk?


    FongJeng Kum

    I am glad that my camera is back online after getting support from REOLINK! Well Done!
    However, I am still would like to get this FTP circular recording fixed in the next firmware.

    Thank You.

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