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    I ordered two C1-Pro cameras about three months ago and then ordered two more last month. The two I ordered in September are capable of a max frame rate of 30fps at maximum resolution. The two I just ordered are only capable of 25fps regardless of resolution setting. I contacted Reolink support they stated that the firmware in the new cameras is the latest version so no upgrade is available to bring the new cameras up to the standard of the one I previously purchased. They added that they plan to upgrade the firmware at some point in the near future. However, I’m stuck on the point that I ordered two sets of identical cameras only for them to deliver a completely different quality of resolution. This would be like purchasing the newest smartphone; a few months later purchase the same phone only for it to be lacking 5% of its features and the manufacturer telling you that it has the latest firmware and you’ll have to wait an unspecified amount of time for it to be fixed.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue with Reolink?



    I should add that my video format is NTSC (30fps max) not PAL which would only allow for me to have a max frame of 25fps. And yes I have verified that my cameras are not set PAL and are in fact set to the NTSC video standard.



    Hi Trey, sorry for the inconvenience and it is a software limit on the new camera, we’ll fix it in the next firmware upgrade and you may contact our support for the latest version when it was available.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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