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    Can you please add a CAST button to the reolink app?
    I and I'm sure millions of others would love this ability.

    I'm sure it would easy to do, as many apps, podcast apps and video apps almost all have the CAST button.

    Right now, it it possible to work around it, in a messy way.
    You can go into your phone settings, and select CAST which casts everything that's on your phone screen to the screen you are casting too. But it's a bit messy as it means you can't do anything else with your phone.

    Just please add a CAST button to the Reolink mobile app please.
    Thank you 🙂



    We really appreciate your suggestions. We will forward it to our R&D team in the next meeting.



    Thank you, that would be great.
    I think all video apps, and most podcast apps allow you to cast to a screen which has cast ability.
    It would be lovely if you can open up the reolink app. Go to the live camera view you wish, and select CAST so it appears on one of your screens, just like you do from many many other mobile apps.
    Look forward to it 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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