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    I've purchased two of the Argus Pros, for my deck and entry way, and also the C2 Pro, for inside our house. This was near the beginning of the year. A couple months ago, I bought and set up a new router in my house. I had to delete and completely setup up all three cameras again, on the new router. I got both the Argus Pros to setup on the app, but I can only access them when my phone is connected to the internet, at my house. If I try to connect using cellular data, or even while on a different wi-fi, it fails everytime. I cannot access the playback if I'm not on my home wi-fi either.

    I also cannot get the C2 Pro to setup on the app at all on the app. I have deleted it, reset the camera, and tried from the beginning multiple times, but still have no luck getting it on the app.

    I have SD cards in all the cameras and I get the light showing that the C2 Pro is recording, but I cannot access live feed for it, since it does not show up on the app.



    The camera will record to the Micro SD card even without a network connection. If you fail to access the Argus Pro remotely, please check if your new router has connected to the Internet. If it has, could you please send an email to attaching with a screenshot of the system status when you fail to access via cellular data or outside Wi-Fi? For more information about the system status, visit Check System Status via Reolink App.
    For the problem to add the C2 Pro, what is the error message when you fail to add the camera to Reolink App? You could report it to our support team. We will check it for you soon.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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