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    Brian Moore

    I was wondering if anyone has noticed high CPU usage in the Android app.

    I noticed that every time I used the app, my phone would get warm and the battery would drain. Using a terminal and the 'top’ command, I saw that the netd process was maxing the CPU. Eventually I found that this happened whenever I opened the app and only stopped when I explicitly closed it (not just switching to another app or the home screen).

    Eventually I enabled logging in my router and I found that the Reolink app attempts to make connections to, where # represents a number. This was detected as a possible DNS Rebind attack by my router and was blocked. It seems that the Reolink app doesn't handle this failed connection properly and just spins out of control trying to make the connection over and over.

    Through further testing I found that simply putting the phone into airplane mode and opening the Reolink app will cause the same behavior. The app cannot make the connections, which causes the netd process to run out of control.

    I have reported all of this to Reolink and they have said that they are unable to reproduce this, but I've tested this on my tablet as well and found the same problem.

    Has anyone else encountered this?
    Does anyone else want to test this out and report back? Just put your phone in airplane mode, start Reolink, and use a monitoring tool to check the CPU usage.

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