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    I recently acquired a Reolink E1 Pro camera.

    I've only tested it with the Android app, but so far I'm fairly impressed with the camera and the features.

    However, one feature which I have not found in the app is an ability to put the camera into a 'sleep’ or 'privacy’ mode. What I mean by this is a way to effectively turn the camera off from the app so that it no longer captures video in live view, records, sends notifications, etc.

    Does such a feature exist? If so, how do I go about accessing it?

    The reason for wanting this feature in my case is that when I'm at home, I don't necessarily want the camera in operation for privacy reasons. I only want to enable the camera when I'm away and, at the moment, the only way I can see to do this is to physically unplug or switch off the camera. It would be much more convenient to be able to do this from the app!

    This feature would tie in nicely with the 'scene’ modes so that all cameras could be put into a 'sleep’ or 'privacy’ mode with a single tap.

    If this feature is not available, can this be passed onto the development team for consideration?




    Wow, this is exactly the same question I just posted after buying my 1st Reolink indoor camera.
    Like yourself, I wish to feel private and secure and not have the Camera be on whilst I am home in the same room.

    Another camera brand I bought a few weeks earlier, has power controls on it's main page, and I just assumed it would be the same for all cams from different makers, as I would imagine most people, if they are home, perhaps in their living room watching TV in the evening, don't wish to feel the camera is still on recording them all the time.

    Very important for indoor camera's

    Additionally (if anyone from Reolink reads this) it would be great to also have the option of camera's turning on/off based on your location.
    So when you leave home the indoor cameras turn on, and when you come home they turn off.



    Hello Customer, much appreciate your suggestion provided, this suggestion has being collected into our suggestion box, along with other great ideas prompted by other customers, some nice ideas have been implemented as you can see in our changelog (What's New) of firmware/software updates. Please kindly understand that bug fixes are our top priority and then user request or feature request. So it may take some time to see yours become true. Please stay tuned!

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