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    Kindly could you please add customizable notification sounds for your iOS and Android app. The standard Reolink push notify sound does not wake me up at night. You can do this with the Arlo app already.



    Message Notifier Pro on Google Play store, with unique emails from each camera works well for my situation.



    Maybe, but not on iOs.



    I agree the in built nbotification being so quiet on Ios is a real problem with the Reolink over the Arlo

    Ive set up a 'recipe’ on IFTTT App on Iphone and now get a repeat notification that can wake me up

    1) I installed an app called 'Pushover’

    2) I set my Reolink Go to send an email to my Gmail account

    3) I set a recipe on IFTTT. ” if you receive an email from send a Pushover notification

    As long as the pushover notification is set at 'emergency’ priority it wont stop ringing until you click it on your iphone screen

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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