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    gary stadter

    I just received a new RLC-420 and was wanting to update it's firmware.
    When I download RLC-420_1389_18081400 from /firmware/, my camera returns an err ”Failed to recognize format'”
    I do notice that when I am prompted by the UI to supply the path to the firmware file, it is expecting ”*.IPC_51316M”.
    I then noticed that the PAK file in the firmware update looks like this: IPC_3816M.1389.....
    From the Information page on my camera:
    build 18060901, IPC_51316M, Config ver v2.0.0.0, FW ver v2.0.0.143_18060901, details IPC_51316M110000000100000, Client vers v1.0.23

    Why is the available download for the RLC-420 not working for me?
    ANY help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, I have noticed the same case for me on three cameras. Which I just bought.

    Model: RLC-420, build 18052201, Hardware No. IPC_51316M, Conf. version v2.0.0.0, firmware v2.0.0.126_18052201, Details IPC_51316M110000000100000, client vers v1.0.237



    gary stadter

    The response I've received so far from communicating directly w/Reolink Support is that the IPC_51316M is indeed a new version of the 4MB RLC-420, and hence has no new firmware beyond the version they are currently shipping with.
    I've asked them to provide just a touch of further clarification on that prior to them closing the case, but I suppose what that means is that as soon as the first new, updated version of the firmware for the IPC_51316M becomes available, the download hyperlink for the RLC-420 will point to it? But if that happens, what would be the process for users visiting the site in search of firmware for their IPC_3816M based RLC-420′s ????



    Suppose there will be a choice for two versions of the camera, old (with old hardware, just a guess) and new (with newer hardware) as at other manufacturers. But, if we look on firmware numbers of our own camera we see that and now we have different firmware.
    But that's all right, development and testing takes time 🙂

    Thanks on info

    Best regards,


    miklos katay


    My RLC-420 5MP is shipped with V2.0.0.96_18051102 FW version.
    Do if you can see in the first posts there is newer FW-s for the device.

    Where can I download?




    Hi, the hardware begins with IPC_51 is on the latest firmware version and we haven't released the new version for these cameras, you may subscribe our emails to get the news:

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