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    No issue viewing live. Good WiFi Signal.
    Will not playback videos in app or download constant playback error.
    Tried resetting, reformatting SD card, deleting and re-adding camera. No luck.

    Any advice??
    Have the recommended SD card

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    Not sure if its related, but we've just discovered all 4 of our Argus2 SD cards have been made corrupted and lost all playback videos. It was working a few weeks ago, but now all 4 are corrupted for no reason.

    I wonder if an auto update has corrupted this.



    I think you might be right although is definitely SD card related. Seems after around 500mb anything after that point won't play and you have to reformat via the camera.
    I saw someone else had problems and all was fixed with a different card, so I'm going to try the suggested Samsung PRO Endurance 32 GB microSD...
    I'm thinking maybe the SD card is the issue post update.
    Will let you know if it works after 600mb!!



    Sorry about the issue. Please purchase a high-speed SD card to have a test. If the issue no longer happens, then it is caused by the faulty SD card; if the issue occurs again, please submit to for more help.



    I have the same issue , I have a high speed SD card but they where all corrupted within the last few weeks .

    Reolink is sending me a SD card link saying they think it's my card that have worked for a year? 😛

    Maybe they have a deal with the seller and corrupted all of our cards since the support played dumb blaming it on me.
    It's not on me if 4 cameras become corrupted at the same time..
    Reolink should send me new cards.

    Th reolink have started doing some real weird stuff lately I might just have to replace my cameras with something else.
    Our PIRs are turning on even that all notifications and recording is off which didn't happen before and you can't bind the PIR on/off to the grouping settings which is just a facepalm by that developer why it isn't supported.

    Also promised IFTTT for 2019 , never happened and are not looking to happen during 2020 neither.

    So if you are a new potential buyer skip this brand and choose something else to be safe since their progress and features are not moving .



    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for choosing Reolink product.

    Sorry for any trouble caused.
    If all four cameras can't work at the same time, please double confirm with Reolink technical support on that via email.
    I do believe our support will handle your issue properly.

    Thanks for your understanding.
    Have a nice day.

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