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    I just bought and installed an Argus 2 security cam for my back door area... I have the SD Card installed ...
    this morning I set myself up to store videos on the cloud using the basic free plan.. I don't need to save videos longer than 7 days that is done on the free plan, because I regularly check my camera videos.. I have other inside cameras that use the free cloud for 7 days of storage... I check them and if I need, I download them and delete all the others... I do that at least once a week to keep it clean.. I generally check the video within a day of the motion recording... so if it is something I need i'll download and keep the basic plan is good for me. what I need to know is.. Can I go in and How do I go in and delete the videos from the cloud on a weekly basis... deleting them all that are not needed... I figure on the basic plan, the cloud deletes the videos automatically day to day once they have been there 7 days but not sure... Also, when you bring up a live view to check it, does it create a video that goes up ... my other cameras store even the live views you do...
    Thank you .. am looking forward to the security of this new camera...



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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