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    I just recently received an rlk4-210wb4 system. I have only setup two cams so far but everything works pretty well except the time setting. It has been running for just over a day and a half and I have had to reset the time at least 10 times. It always seems to stay on the proper day but times advance and go back to completely random times. The longest it has held is roughly two hours. This obviously is a nightmare for attempting to playback recordings (currently have it recording in continuous mode-no motion detection) as they are all over the map in small or large chunks. This also makes it almost entirely useless for it's intended function if I have no idea of the actual time something was recorded at. I just updated the NVR firmware to the latest available version and the problem persists. Please help me resolve this asap. Thanks.

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    Hello Holden,
    Sorry for the trouble caused.
    May I know if this only happens to one camera or all the two cameras installed?
    May I know how is the Wi-Fi signal strength on your camera, you can tell it from the live view on the monitor screen, how many signal bars you can see?
    By resetting the time, may I know how did you do that? If you restart the camera, will the time go back to normal again?
    Thanks in advance and look forward to your information.

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