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    Hi I've got an interesting issue – I have 4 RLC-411WS cameras on my first 4 listed channels (channels 1-4) in my PVR, I recently added another RLC-411WS to my network no problems as channel 5 – THEN I moved the new camera to channel 1 and the old one to channel 5 and the PVR wouldn't recognise it, although I could still view it over the wifi network.

    On a hunch, I moved the original camera back to channel 1 and moved the new camera to channel 5 and everything works fine

    Can anyone help?
    I'd like to move the new camera (5MP vs 4MP) to channel 1 as the main front camera

    thank you



    sorted now, after a couple of reboots and some channel shuffling, I was able to move the channels



    I have a dumb question:
    How do you assign a channel to a WS type camera, or a camera that is not directly plugged into the LAN port of the NVR?
    I have two RLC-423 cameras (one is a wireless WS), and i have but cameras shown plus two ghost cameras as channel 1 + 2.
    For the actual cameras the channel selection is grayed out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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