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    I need some clarification please. I have a mixture of cameras...all wifi apart from one POE camera. They all have either built sd cards on can have one installed so I don't have an NVR. I don't understand how these cameras can affect my internet speed when I am not steaming them or accessing recordings.
    I am on ADSL2+ out in the bush so I don't have a lot of room for movement. If all my cameras are turned off I get around 2.5Mbs download but with them on I get 1Mbs or less. Is there a setting I need to turn on to have these cameras operate as 'standalone” unless I log in to access them? Do I need to setup a seperate WIFI AP to get my internet speed back?

    Thanks in advance




    Dear Glen,
    Those cameras will not take up your download bandwidth. Only when you are accessing them from outside networks, will they take up the upstream bandwidth. But never your download bandwidth. So I think there must be something else holding back your bandwidth. I think, maybe the router is incompetent, and it's in slow process of data when many devices are connected to it.



    It is possible, if you saturate your upstream connection to more than 80%, you will start to see downstream speeds suffer. The downstream needs to send a certain number of upstream packets as part of how TCP/IP works. If it isn't able to send these upstream packets because the upstream is saturated, your downstream speed will be choked.

      The only way to stop the camera from talking on the upstream side of your connection is to block them from having internet access. However, this isn't reasonable if you like to view the cameras remotely when you are not on your home network.

        You may also want to look into something on your router called QoS or Quality of Service management. You can set the cameras to a lower priority than your computer system, so if your upstream becomes saturated, it will prioritize your computers upstream and downstream data over the cameras, so you connection with your computer won't be compromised.

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