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    Crimp On

    Installed the new firmware for RLC-410WS cameras on Feb 3. Starting the evening of Feb 3, and every night since then, my three cameras record almost constantly from about 11:45 at night until about 4:00am the next morning. Each motion file is about 102MB (two minutes). When I watch the motion files, I cannot see ANYTHING that resembled ”motion.” I am (sadly) fully aware that very small and very quick motions can trigger a recording. i.e. a tiny insect flying past the camera lens at night appears VERY bright because it is illuminated by the LED's. Even 1/2sec is enough. Rain drops falling past the eaves, etc. I am used to counting off five seconds and seeing that tiny flicker which set off the camera. With these recordings, I see NOTHING MOVE.

    The only thing that has changed is the firmware. Has anyone else noticed a change in camera behavior? Reolink support obviously was not told to expect questions about the new firmware, so they have no advice except the standard ”How to avoid...” I guess now I get to lower the sensitivity setting one notch each day until this behavior quits.

    Very annoying.



    Hi, interesting reading this post, i recently purchased 3 x Argus 2 cameras and the last few days one of them is just non stop alert after alert, nothing is moving that i can see, sensor is clean, no light pollution in the middle of the night (the sun coming out or going away or light from a car in corner of image triggers it). I really liked the cameras and the complete cable free with Solar but now its just ping ping ping Im ready to return the lot. Its triggering so often the battery is down at around 50% and the Solar doesn't have enough go this time of year to charge. It should be on Standy 95% plus of the day but due to the non stop triggers and recording of nothing...

    Would love to hear what others have to say about this because we appear to have same issue although they could be for different reasons.

    The one causing me issues has been adjusted to only show within 6 ft walled area with no tree, branches or any other moving things including people or cars passing by, PIR at Low which should be around 4 meters range

    Look forward to the replies


    Crimp On

    Ironically, my old Argus battery cameras are NOT recording constantly. The ”RLC” and ”C1″ cameras are build on a single hardware platform (IPC_3816M). They all got a new firmware release. I have been awaiting ”progress” in a number of areas and installed the new firmware. Alas, this new development is disappointing.

    So, different hardware platform. Almost everything is different between the RLC and battery models (motion sensing, LED control, underlying operating system, etc.).

    I actually set my battery cameras to not email me about motion during the day because the constant pings were annoying. Ironically, I have them set to trigger only at night.



    Thanks for the reply and you have a valid point regarding the different platforms, i just seen a post in Wifi Cameras section and never thought much past this.

    Anyway after a wasted weekend messing with the cameras i can now confirm the Camera with non stop alerts is actually faulty, reset to factory settings, removed battery for 30 mins then took it and placed it in a dark cupboard and would you believe it non stop alerts hence me coming to the conclusion this one is faulty.

    Decided i would take one of the other ones and swap it to this outside location but after hours of trying i cannot make this one connect to the Wifi, the other two connect fine to this Wifi but this one refuses. I can connect it to another Wifi at other side of house but location is too far from where i want to mount it so i need this to connect to the Wifi only 3 meters from mounting location, driving me nuts! This one may also be faulty? Will try again later.

    Just to share i have one mounted at front door with sensitivity set to high and i get NO false alerts, nothing except real alerts when the postie comes, also this one constantly 98%-100% battery using the Solar unlike the faulty one i had at back which is struggling to stay above 40% due to its non stop alerts.



    Quick update for anyone following this, i received two new Argus 2 cameras yesterday, both were setup and connected to Wifi within 2-3 minutes, fitted one outside and with the PIR set to high i have not had one alert except when i walked beside it to confirm it worked which it did. The 2nd one which is in the house lost Nightvison leaving me looking at a black screen even although the LEDs were lit up, removed battery for 5 mins fired it back up and nightvison returned, will check on it tonight when dark.

    So after wasting around 10 days with this along with non stop alerts and Wifi connection issues the devices were clearly faulty, lets hope the 2nd replacements nightvison had a blip and will continue to work without issue.

    REOLINK – do you read these posts? Maybe worth pointing out quality control appears to be letting you down, i almost returned all and walked away but luckily the first one at front door has been perfect with no false alerts even with the PIR set to high, based on that i was keen to replace the two faulty and give it another go, so far so good.

    So anyone having non stop alerts or Wifi connection issues with a single camera its FAULTY, don't waste your time just return it and get a replacement, when they work they are awesome! Well done Reolink!!

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