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    My father-in-law is in a studio apartment in a retirement community. He can access the internet via password protected Wi-Fi. I'd like to know if there is a simple solution that will allow us to install a camera so that we can remotely check to see how he's doing (he's OK with this).

    I looked briefly at the C1 Pro. But that requires a connection to the router, and he does NOT have access to the router.

    Are there any products that can be set-up and used when all you have access to is a Wi-Fi connection?




    Hi Ron,

    I think you should be good with C1 Pro, I can't be 100% sure and hopefully the mod will be along to verify your question.

    I've never used a C1 but from what I've seen the setup looks pretty straight forward although in one installation on youtube the guy had to plug it into an ethernet connection to get it setup on the phone app. However, I can't see why this can't be done remotely at an address where you have access to the ethernet connection and then relocate the device into the property once it's setup on the app.

    The important thing to make sure is that the UID is checked in the network advanced section of the configuration. It's this feature that allows you to view the camera remotely..

    There's a few things you'll need to pay attention to if you don't have access to the wifi router and you're using a shared service in this case.

    1. Is the password the shared key for accessing wi-fi or a splash page type of thing like what you get when you try and use wifi in starbucks or whatever.. If it's a splash page it might be a problem.

    2. Is the bandwidth speed good at the property, if it's a shared service it may be limited. Viewing remotely can be a pain in the arse if the speed available is poor. The reolink has a couple of different viewing qualities that can reduce in this event but it's worth knowing to avoid frustrating lock-ups etc.

    3. It might be worth running this past the people that service the retirement home.. they must have a technical bod there who could assist.

    4. C1 pro has in-built wifi so once setup doesn't need an ethernet..

    I hope this helps.. as I've mentioned, I haven't used this camera but hopefully someone with first hand experience will chip in..




    Hi wictod,

    Thanks for the all of the information! Fortunately the wi-fi does NOT have a splash page. I like your idea of reaching out to the IT team at the retirement community. They must have already had this request and should be able to quickly tell me what is and isn't possible.

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