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    Miguel Angel

    This issue is for c1 pro, c2 pro (and probably all other wifi cams)

    Most natural way of Connecting/disconnecting a security cam is leaving home then pressing some “enable camera” button on the app (as when you arm an alarm).

    But right now, it is like this

    Turning Camera On:
    you need to plug the camera. It will start up, it will record you walking, It will trigger all the alarm methods you have set up (send you video, upload ftp images, or even worse, if if alarm is enabled, it starts buzzing). That makes the camera
    really uncomfortable to use.

    Turning Camera Off:
    Two options:
    – A: you need to walk in your home with it enabled. It will detect motion, start recording, sending stuff, writting the video on the SD……. and you have to unplug it, with the risk of doing it in the middle of the process and damaging the SD
    – B: You need to wait outside, open the phone app, enter in the motion detection option, draw with your fingers on the camera screen till you cover all the zones so it does not detect you while walking (can take you 2 minutes to do such thing).

    Seriously, this camera needs an option to solve this

    – “Safe Power off”, or “disable motion detection” switch. Camera would stop recording/writting so you can unplug safely (or keep it on but not recording). Even better if this switch automatically moved to an OFF position landmark (facing the wall or ceiling) so the camera automatically moves there when off. And moving to an ON landmark when switching it ON.



    Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. I will forward your suggestions to our R&D staff and they will pay attention to it. You may subscribe our emails to get the news: We will try our best to make our camera smarter.
    If you have other problems during operation, please send an email to, our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.



    I’m facing the exactly same scenario as Miguel.
    Seriously hope Reolink Engineer could allow the power off or turn off motion detection remotely. I’m currently using Method A to turn off the camera. I really afraid that my SD card might die one day when I turn it off during recording state.

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