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    I recently bought a C2 but I consider to return it. I really like the hardware and the present part of the software/firmware. But some fundamental functionality and options are missing especially in the categories ”Recording” and ”Alarm” compared to some other basic ip cams I own.

    I could be more optimistic for future releases of the firmware but until now I have received no feedback of any of my replies, which I published here in this forum. So I wonder, if the developer are screening this forum and take suggestions seriously?
    I would like to ask the users here, what your experiences are in this regard? I bought too many gear in the past, without any further development, so I don't want to take the risk here too.



    It has been a week since I have opening this topic but still no feedback at all. That is not a good sign to trust the future of C2. The C2 and maybe some other reolink-devices could have a huge potential the get some master piece if the software would not be that limited.

    I own a foscam FI9826p and some other cheap ip-cams and all have their own weaknesses, but still the FI9826p is very versatile in use because of the functional diversity. Unfortunately the FI9826p is aging and a successor is not in sight. I was looking for a premium replacement for the other cheap ip-cams I own. I think, that Reolink could position themself very well in this market, if they would listen to the users.

    How ever, I will return the C2 but mostly because I run in some another problem with it. The wifi disconnects very often, although the camera is very optimally positioned and has strong signal strength. Otherwise, I have no problems at all with wifi and other devices. This could be a defect, but I will not dare an exchange.



    Sorry for not replying sooner. When you posted this, it's in the middle of national holidays here. If it is some emergency you should contact our support at We have agents on duty EVERYDAY.

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