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    So I have 11 cameras setup with audio and they all work on Reolink Client when playing live; however, 2 of the cameras the audio randomly stopped working a few days ago when playing back. The rest of them still work. (Yes audio box is checked on the cameras) What is the reason for this?

    Also is there really no way to rewind/forward the playback on the software? Seems like a big flaw if so.


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    #Audio problem
    1, how do you connect the cameras? do you use a NVR?
    Please kindly let us know the camera models as well.
    2, is the audio normal of the 2 cameras when view live?
    3, how do you view the playback? (on Reolink Client PC, on Reolink App, download to PC local etc.)
    4, please check the camera firmware and try upgrade it to the latest firmware V161117. Available on /firmware/

    #Sorry that the Reolink Client doesn't supports to rewind/forward when you playback the recording remotely.
    Because the recording files are online when you playback remotely (just like you watching videos on the YouTube), so it is invalid.

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    I have to agree with doughboy611 on the whole rewind fast forward thing being a flaw.  Yes that is fine that it is like a youtube video or what be it, but that doesn't justify the issue. I have various stores (14 in total) 4 of them currently have 16 channel dvr systems installed. I also have a few other brands installed. Why is it that I can fast forward/rewind on every other system besides my reolink systems? In fact, most of my systems (including hikivision and gw security) can fast forward/rewind at upto 64x. In both of those cases, the cameras are IP 3k and 5k cameras and they use a dedicated dvr.        – If this is going to be a mainstream system that can compete, someone will need to go back to the drawing board on their software/hardware design. Sure it is probably overwhelming to the software engineers, but either way, without it, this system IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE FLAWED.  By the way, there are things that I enjoy about this system over the other systems, but those things amount to very very very little when factoring in the rewind/fast forward functions. I hope that Reolink can motivate themselves not only for our benefit of having an awesome system, but also for their benefit of creating a company that will have no limits.

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    RLN16-410 with 10 410 and 4 420 cameras
    RLN16-410 with 10 410 and 4 420 cameras
    RLN16-410 with 10 410 and 4 420 cameras
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