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    Hey there,

    i´m almost happy with my Argus.
    But there is one pretty annoying thing.

    It´s not possible to change the PIR (or any other) setting without the app.
    I´m using openHAB for my Smart Home purposes and even presence detection.
    I would like to use this presence detection to change the PIR setting between ON and OFF.
    When everyone left, turn ON the PIR sensor.
    When someones coming home, turn OFF the PIR sensor.

    The only ”smart” thing currently, is the time schedule.
    But i don´t know when i´m home or not to schedule the PIR settings properly.

    The official support can´t help and just take a note for further development.
    But currently this is not part of the development...

    Does anyone know how to change the PIR sensor setting from an external system?

    I don´t know what the app is doing when changing the setting, but the same method could work for external systems...



    Tim D'haeyer

    I think that this feature is not available yet. On the Indiegogo page I saw that they would potentionally provide some IFTTT integration.
    That would be great. But for now, you'll have to do with the shedule.



    I know that it´s not available yet.
    That´s why i asked for an workaround 🙂

    Already had a talk with the customer support.
    They´re currently focussing on the stability and bug fixing.


    Tim D'haeyer

    I made a related request to customer support. I would like to have the PIR ON/OFF separated from the shedule. 🙂
    That way I can manually activate the PIR sensor when I leave the house but still keep the nightly shedule I have right now.

    Maybe this forum could use a ”Feature request” section 🙂


    Tim D'haeyer

    A quick packet capture on my phone showed that it's using AWS in the back with some REST services.
    So I guess they could do something with that, but the most important thing here would be security. 🙂



    Hey Tim, are you searching for this section? /forum/general-discussion/suggestion-box/



    Maybe you could dig a little bit deeper? 🙂
    Would be awesome to get an workaround.

    Because i think it will take some time to get an official release.


    Tim D'haeyer

    I quickly tried to make the same call with a REST testing tool, but I got some certificate error.
    Didn't really have time to look at it in details yet.
    I could imagine that I'm not allowed to make the same calls to the webservice. And if I can, it means that it's not really safe.

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