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    Like many people that pre-ordered the Argus 3 cameras, when setup, I was plagued by having to constantly tweak the settings to avoid false alarms. If you live a very static environment and don't deal with those issue, that's great. However, for those of us like me who live in environments that are very dynamic, these cameras are pretty much unusable. I live on the west coast of Florida on the water, so reflections of the sun off the water trigger alerts, plus in coastal environments there is constant wind, so palm trees constantly set it off, etc. And yes, I have spent hours moving cameras to different locations and tweaking the settings (I have 4 of these). They are just no good in these types of environments since they use pixel based detection.

    So now, Reolink is coming out with the Argus 3 Pro, that instead of pixel based detection, it uses person/vehicle detection. Wonderful...I spend nearly $500 on these cameras and solar panels, and now they are coming out with these! Obviously, this really makes me lose my confidence in Reolink and wonder why they just didn't have this in the original Argus 3. I would understand if it were a year later, but I've had these camera for a month or so. This would make anyone upset.

    Reolink — What are you going to do for those of us where these cameras do not work in our environment and now see you are working on the Pro version? I understand Reolink doesn't have to do anything, but come on...

    Will there be a software upgrade for the Argus 3? Doubtful.
    Will there be a credit towards the purchase of the Pro version?

    I feel Reolink needs to do something to make this right.



    The Argus 3 use the PIR sensor to detect movement, the changing in temperature will trigger the alarm. The moving leaves and water will reflect lights and cause a change in temperature.
    For the false alarm issue, please contact our support team at, to see if they can provide you with a better solution.



    Sorry you are having false alarm issues with the Argus 3 cams. I have two of them. I also have two of the new 4K 810A cams with person vehicle detection. One covers my driveway, the other by my front door. They work good and the AI has helped reduce false alerts a lot. They don't trigger with blowing leaves or shadows. It's winter where I live and heavy snow still sets off alerts so I turn the sensitivity down when it snows. I don't know about spiders and flying insects yet, I'll wait til Spring for that. I think all camera brands may struggle in your situation with light reflecting off of water. Most cameras have sensor ranges of about 20-30 feet for humans and about 50′ for vehicles. I suggest you point the cameras away from the water/trees and toward your building doorways? I'm jealous that you have water/palm tree views! I also have a Blink camera by my front door. It has street view and constantly sent notifications every time a car drove by or people walked on the sidewalk. I wanted the sensitivity high to catch movement asap by the door. So I put a piece of tape on the top half of the motion sensor to block out the street (Blink's motion zones do not work). Now it still has
    has street view but I do not get notified with cars and pedestrians.

    I know it's frustrating to buy cameras only to have them outdated in about a year. Technology changes fast. Companies put out new product models almost every year, TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. Competition wise, Reolink has to put out new models regularly or they will get behind the curve with new features like person human detection, perimeter alters, higher MP, auto tracking, etc. I like the Reolink brand. Their cameras are a good value for the money. I've had good customer service with them.

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