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    i have some Ideas and Questions.

    1. How can i send videofiles with Whatsapp?
    Whats App say the Format is not correct

    2. why i haven´t sound on my videos, if i play it with mxplayer or other Android Videoplayer


    1. integration for Tasker or other automatic service.
    if i am in my home WLAN, with my Smartphone it would be great that the cams turn off automatic an turn on, if i leave the network, cams turn on.

    2. individual zone
    one button, to turn of or on all cams in specific zones

    3. Hardware Buttons
    my parents are old and they have no interesting with smartphones, a Hardware Button to switch on/off the cams would be great. ideal as Keychain or for Wall.

    For me is a integration like Hue or other systems in Tasker for Android the best idea, that people can work better with the cams.


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