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    daniel d

    I have just installed an argus 2. I noticed that the camera is connecting to amazonaws , according to wireshark and my router's logging, the live view between my phone and camera is not done directly but trough the internet. (see logs attached) As soon as I'm blocking the cam's Internet access, I can't reach the live view either.

    So basically what it's doing:
    Camera — > Internet (Amazonaws) –> My mobile phone

    instead of:
    Camera — > My mobile phone

    Why? Is this a bug or a feature? If this is a feature, I'm returning the camera.

    Kind Regards,

    1. reolink.log_.txt

    Crimp On

    I believe you are correct. The battery operated cameras do not have a way to view video separate from the Reolink Client program (Mac or PC) and the Reolink ”app”, which uses the Amazon Cloud.

    Not the camera for you. My guess is that most of the battery powered cameras function this way.


    daniel d

    Too bad that reolink states otherwise.

    What I don't understand is, why streaming to the cloud first and then coming back to my local network. Never mind, it was just a rhetorical question.

    This device is clearly not working as advertised, that is the reason it's going back: I've already contacted the support.



    Same issue here. I was wanting to utilise VLAN's and firewall it off along with my PoE Camera's.

    It does seem to be by design , contacted support did not get anywhere and sent screenshots of it connecting to Amazon – I was told to connect it to the internet to fix my issue... great.

    It's a shame as apart from this issue the Camera is brilliant.

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