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    I have 2 Argus 2 cameras. The problem with both of them is that they don't start recording until 2 or 3 seconds (and sometimes more!) after the motion has started. PIR for both is set to ”HIGH SENSITIVITY”.

    For example, when I view footage of a car passing by the gate, the car is almost already out of view before the recording even starts. I thought this might just be a Cloud issue, but it's the same with the camera footage. I can't find any settings that can fix this.

    Any suggestions?



    How about the PIR push notification?
    It's better to send an email to with the camera's live view.
    Then, our technical support will provide you further help.
    Thanks for your understanding.



    Thank you Cynthia, I've sent the email.



    Did you get an answer to this as mine is the same. I just assumed that it takes a second or 2 for the camera to wake with it being wireless, cheers



    It would be nice if they recorded like arlo does. The Arlos record 3 seconds before the Motion so you actually see what triggered the event. I wish I would have known before the purchase, I would have spent the money on the Arlos, they also have a solar panel to keep the cameras charged. This process of returning the cameras for a refund is crazy. I should have checked to see how to contact support before purchase, if you can't talk to someone in person on the phone, then stay away. I would not have purchased had I known the only means of communication is by email.


    Crimp On

    Looks like only certain models of Argo support the ”Look Back” feature, and only if the camera is plugged into a power source, and the solar panel does not count as a power source.




    I dont think anything can be done about this. Its an issue with most wireless cams that run off of battery in order to save battery power. PIR runs on very low power and starts up the cam only when it senses motion. It takes a few seconds for the cam to start up after the PIR sees motion.

    Im pretty sure thats where you're getting your delay from.


    martins nuno

    Yes. My Argus 2 does the same. It catches a car passing by but many times, when the car is fast enough, the camera does not record it on time.



    I'd be glad to trade some of my Argus PT's battery life for proper capture. We definitely need a software upgrade to address this (or at least the option).

    Ditto your frustration with missed footage! I have 4 Arlo Pro battery cams that last for a couple months btwn charges. They never miss fast cars. Neither do my 3 cheapo Amazon Blink cams. Ring doorbell pro is great too, but my older v1 and v2 Ring doorbell's arent dependable enough to even discuss.



    Thank you for your feedback. We will forward your feedback to the R&D team to make improvements in the future.



    Hi Cynthia. Did the R&D team give you any response? I have Argus II and the wake up is so slow (3-4 seconds) a person can walk past the front of my house, trigger the PIR but be gone before the camera starts recording. It's really a design flaw and seriously reduces the functionality and purpose of having a security camera. Regards



    Could you please check the installation of the camera? The PIR sensor is sensitive to side-to-side movement. If the person moves directly to the camera, the camera may not detect the movement properly.
    You can refer to
    If there is no luck, please contact our support team at They will be glad to help you.

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