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    Hello community, I'm fairly new here, owning the Argus2 since a few weeks.
    I found some mayor problems that let me think this nice camera was on purpose crippled by a buggy ill conceived firmware / software. While the initial setup worked like a charm, the trouble started right afterwards.
    I live in Europe, where the cloud service is not offered, but there is also no alternative option, so the videos are only stored on the SD-Card – if somebody is trespassing and takes the camera with him/her the video files are gone. Not very secure. Then I thought I can use the E-Mail option instead. The setup is problematic as it only accepts SMTP with an E-Mail Address + Password as authentication and the E-Mail Domain mustn't contain a dash /hyphen. So I could not use my own E-Mail address. Instead I used a Gmail address, just to find out that the camera only sends out ONE picture, once the motion detection is triggered. In none of my trials i could see the moving objects, only the empty background.

    My conclusion is that a great camera was made bad by software. I'm still hoping that Reolink will change that soon, as I was so far very satisfied with the bullet cams I own.




    Thank you for reaching out. Sorry for the inconvenience. The empty background sending to your phone may be related to the false alarms of the camera. Here is an article on avoiding false alarms for your reference.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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