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    chris jones


    I am impressed with the hardware on my new Argus 2, not so much with the software.

    Downloading videos
    – As others have said the Android app is terrible for this. The moving timeline is impossible to use once you have a few days of recordings and the icon view is hard to access as it shares the screen with the live view. Can we have a NORMAL browser file view with nothing else on the screen, please? To view a file just click it, no need to see video on the same screen as the file browser.
    – The desktop app seems to be better having one button to download a day's worth but it does not work. It goes through the motions on my Windows 10 PC and says it is downloading but there is nothing in C:\DownloadFile (which it created).

    – Can it be set to record a series of still rather than video? I have other IP cameras that all do this. The images are more useful and detailed.

    – Can we have more adjustability in the PIR so it can be set pick up wildlife and not just people?

    Nice hardware and with just a few tweaks it will be a great all-around package. At the moment it is too hard to use for anything other than the live view.



    We really appreciate your valuable feedback. The suggestions will be forwarded to our related team to assess and consider. Again, Reolink teams take your feedback very seriously.
    Also, for the download issue with Reolink Client, pls try selecting another download path.
    All the blessings~


    chris jones

    Thanks for the update.

    I can now download videos from the desktop client after I have changed the default file path.

    All the best


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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