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    I bought an ARGUS 2 free wire camera. I got it yesterday and it looks great.
    I set it up very quickly without any problem.
    The only thing I can't manage to do is to set up the correct TIME of the camera.
    From the Settings of the camera (data/time) I did synchronize the camera with the phone time but it won't get the right time and actually goes one hour earlier..... you can see the picture I have attached.
    My phone is getting the correct local time automatically from the internet.
    So finally i do not understand how to set the correct time of my camera.
    Can someone give me some other suggestions ? ?
    I am using Reolink App with Android (version 7.0) with Samsung Galaxy S7.
    Thanks to anyone that can give me a help.





    To correct camera time, please try again and follow this order:

    1. Tap ”Synchronize Phone Time”

    2. Enable ”DST”

    3. Tap on the ”Save” icon on the top right

    Will the time be corrected?

    If it's not working, please go to DST Settings and set the DST accordingly, as you need to set the correct DST applied to your local in the App.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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